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Tuesday, 6-Dec-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
of eid fitr

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri From Us!
i know! i know! it's almost christmas but the pic i'm featuring is like.. whoa! wayyyy old!

anyway, fellow friends.. wishing you a pleasant days ahead.

Monday, 12-Sep-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
of being a slacker...

m still here...
the nieces.. no! no! no! don't phunk wit my heart..
of where i'm attached now... tgk plastik bag tu laa..
ya.. ya.. i know! i'm a slacker alright..

but guys, i'm sorry for not being able to add more pix here in my fotopages cuz rite now, my werk is like a priority and yes.. ever since.. i don't have a proper life anymore.. sorry to disappoint all my buddies out there!

anyway, i still look de same. same glasses, same hairdo.. only longer, messier and i look horrible.. same cheek bones and chin, same colour skin and oh..same boyfriend.. hahaha.. but my nieces have grow tremendously and beautifully tho.. of course i wanna share but i jez don't have the time yet.. been to a lot of functions (to be exact: WEDDING functions) and did other stuff too but hey.. gimme time, eh?

jez dropping a line or 2 jez so none of you think i'm dead or vanish... i'm still here in the planet.
till later..

(more to come.. jez sit back and relax...)

Friday, 25-Feb-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
of qistina, the naughtiest niece on earth...

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these pix were unpublished to public view and i didn't notice about it at all until today.. (that shows i'm a bz bee ok..~chuckle~)

anyway, gambar2 nih dah 7 bulan lebih dah but this little rascal dah besar and very talkative..
tgk je la.. dia mmg cute, adorable.. sometimes annoying but i love er very much! adik dia pon sama.. i've got loads of her and her lil sis dania aka alisidan... but nnt i'll upload them in dis webby web yah...

Wednesday, 26-Jan-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
of more from the eid adha and other stuff.

bestnye dia tido..
kakak yg suka kacau adiknya!
qistina wit b, having fun!
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apparently, saya tertinggal some gambar from hari raya haji.
those were taken belah pagi. and alamak! sori la.. terlupa nak amik gambar lasagna sbg bukti saya masak lasagna itu bersama mama saya.

but you can see there, i looked a lil bit tired sbb bangun awal pagi, kan.. tu je la buktinya..

and some others from saja-saja event.

Friday, 21-Jan-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
of a little bit of the curve and eid adha.

ni ggurl@the curve, right b4 xmas.
cousin miya wit qasdina.
cousin dila, the host!(she claimed her name is dilaboyd.. hmm..)
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sebenarnya, these pix i took on hari raya haji at night. that time we were all gathered at my aunt's place in tmn desa minang, gombak for her open hse.

well.. they had bbq and her special soto ayam and some nasi minyak. i didn't eat much tho, maybe i ate 3 bowls of my mama's laksa penang, some 2 servings of lasagna and rendang with nasi impit, earlier on. nyum! nyum! tasty and delicious to the bone!! oh, jez for the record, i helped my mum with the lasagna that eid adha morning. i woke up at around 4.45 AM and started slicing, cutting and baking the lasagna with her. it turned out to be good, eventho they're a bit dry sbb mama ter over cooked the lasagna for another half an hour.. haha! but it was good!

and of course i know how to cook, ok!

here're pix from aunty a'a open hse.

and lepas upload these pix, barulah saya terperasan yg saya tak amik satu pon gambar aunty a'a and uncle hamzah...
hmm.. how cud dat happen? puzzle.. puzzle...

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